Jet Washing

Power Cleaning

Prolong the life of your Driveways and Patios with regular maintenance. 

We offer to clean and revive your block paving or driveway.

Before       &         After

We also provide a re-sanding service for your block paving.

We advise where applicable to have a thorough Power Jet Wash. A jet wash will remove moss, dirt and debris from your drives and paths.


Concrete & block paving pathway

Before               &            After

The image above depicts the concrete pathway, before and after cleaning.


Concrete and block pave path & patio

Before     &       After

On the left it shows how the path, patio area is covered in dirt, debris and plant life, and on the right after it has been cleaned.


Block Pave Path

Before       &        After

Block Paving

Before       &         After


Cleaning Services

 Before                &                    After

We gave the garden an uplift by:

tidying the lawn area,

eliminating the weeds and debris that had gathered on the block paved area

and re-sanded the block paving bringing the landscape back to provide a more pleasant and usable area for the owners.


Before & After

The image below portrays the patio and pathway area in a garden.

There is a mixture of block pave and decking materials (timber) used, and as you can see, the left side of the image shows the dullness where the dirt and debris have made an impact.  On the right, of the image, we have thoroughly cleaned the whole area; re-sanded the block paving and re-stained the timber to bring it back to a pleasing and eye catching landscape.

Although, block pave and even the timber are long lasting and require little maintenance, it does show what a difference it makes when they are cleaned.



We can jet wash your driveways whether they are block paved or tarmac. Jet washing your driveways will ensure that your drive is always looking brand new and they look eye catching to you and your visitors.

It will allow you to add more value to your home as it is the first thing that is seen when initially looking at your home.


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