Tree Services

Crown Lift

Tree crown lifting involves the removal of lower branches with the end result being to lift the height of the base of the crown.

This may be carried out to increase the clearance between the ground and the lower branches in order to:

  • Allow for access below the tree, particularly vehicles. (In the UK, highways regulations state that the clearance over a highway must be 5.2 meters and 2.5 meters over a footway).

  • To help improve light levels

  • Aesthetically enhance the tree by creating a balanced lower crown
  • Remove interference with structures or property such s fences, telephone lines

Crown Topping

Tree topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches to stubs or lateral branches that are not large enough to assume the terminal role. Topping removes 50% to 100% of the leaf-bearing crown, starves the tree, promotes shock, invites disease, destructive insects and possibly even tree death.

Crown Thinning

This is the selective removal of branches to reduce the density of the tree.

It should be achieved by removal of branches from throughout the crown (not only from the inner crown) to leave a crown with a balanced density, but no more than 30% of the foliage should be removed in a single year, as this may cause the tree stress.

The minimum amount of branches should be removed to achieve the desired effect.

Tree Removal

We remove difficult or damaged trees.

Stump removal involves cutting off the root system, then digging the bulk of the stump out and lifting it away with a crane.

Removal can be difficult or impossible with large and old trees, which have root systems that are just too hard to take out. Stump grinding lets you avoid having to dig – after cutting off all the parts of the tree that we can remove by conventional means, we then use a machine to grind and shred the stump into mulch and chips. 

Tree Care

Trees become dangerous if not maintained.

We offer the following Tree Services:

Tree Crown Topping.

Tree Crown Thinning.

Tree Crown Lift.


Stump Removal

Call-Out Service

Our team is ready to respond to damage trees caused by bad winds.

We offer a call-out service to remove damaged or dead trees.


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